a dried snot wisp that resembles a flake of breakfast cereal, not quite as bulky as a crouton.
hey girl, wanna kleenex, you need to send that cornflake back to kellogg's.
by Leysie December 27, 2007
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A source of contention between Norwegian black metal musicians. To declare your preference for "soft" or "soggy" cornflakes is to express a desire to branch out as a musician and explore the possibilities of artistic maturation. To steadfastly swear allegiance to crispy cornflakes is to commit to stabbing your musical rival in the head and committing arson.

The topic of cornflakes can also be usefully employed to deter metal guys from boring you with their inane banter.
How do you like your cornflakes?
by ʇʞǝظqo March 02, 2011
someone who is consistantly unreliable and flaky.
constantly ditching, never good for their word
"Dude, Danielle is such a cornflake. Last week she bailed on plans that SHE made with us."
by ashlyn. September 13, 2008
The act of going up and catching passes over a defender in football.
We're gonna get some CORNFLAKES on you!!!
by Philip Rivers 17 December 16, 2009
a dry, corny person who is mildly hillbilly
my neighbor is such a freakin cornflake
by jenefiero May 15, 2005
Use this when referring to the drug, Special K.
"I'm going to pick up some corn flakes now."
by gardengirl May 08, 2007
A cereal created by Kellogg's, which can be found in any grocery store. Usually eaten in a bowl with milk. A very clear cut word, which does not do well when used with hidden meanings.
Person A: I had cornflakes this morning. They was amazing.

Person B: No way!

Person A: Believe it.

Person B: The cereal?

Person A: The cereal.
by Kaylie T April 02, 2010
1. a white guy, usually a corny white guy
2. could be used to describe a white guy
1. Look at this corn flake trying to dance.
2. Look at this corn flaking ass sucker tripping over himself
by Mic Check August 30, 2005

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