The upper section of the abs usually shown when a guy pulls his shirt up to entice females to increase chances of a sexual encounter.
When i show these bitches my cornerstone it's going to be on like donkey kong!!
by V.T. Lucero July 27, 2011
Top Definition
When you get intoxicated to break through a sexual inhibition—like when pot helps you “turn a corner” sexually.
“Carly wanted to do her new boyfriend Mike, but she just couldn’t do it until she got cornerstoned.”
by Ren, the Ambivalent One February 23, 2009
On Route 1 in College Park, MD, the Cornerstone Bar is the most popular hang out for the college kids who attend the University of Maryland, College Park. Located at the corner of Route 1 and Knox Road, Cornerstone is a mecca of drunk college kids on the weekends.
let's go to Cornerstone tonight, I'm tired of these frat parties.
by JohnDoe12345 September 15, 2005
a christian music festival where you go to meet up and have sex with people you have met on the internet
"Jesus4life2512-i can't wait to met you at cornerstone and watch Emery with you"
"xXxTinityRawksxXx-i know, i feel like i've known you forever..."
by pinkeye January 27, 2005
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