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v. present participle:
a sexual activity in which gay males take turns ejaculating into the same man's rectum (cornhole), in effect covering their penises (dogs) in the semen (batter, deriv. of 'baby batter'), of fellow penetrators. The end result is penises getting battered with semen and baked in the heat of the man's rectum (oven), thus becoming corndogs (warm penises covered with another's semen), as opposed to simple dogs (uncooked penises without a semen glaze).
After hosting the corn dogging session he was two pounds heavier and his guests' penises dripped like melting candles.
by sultunuvsuav November 30, 2008
The act of coming up behind your friend or Enemy, Grabbing their shoulders, and Ramming your knee right up into their butt.
Sean was being a punk so I Corn Dogged him.
by Albino Sasquatch May 21, 2005
The act of inserting a penis directly into a person's mouth after it has been in an anus, analogous to a hot dog, having been dipped in batter, being consumed.
That girl is so skanky she'll go corndogging without hesitation.
by laprofesseur May 25, 2009
While having sex on the beach, you pull out while she's distracted, plunge your member into the sand, then stick it back in
I corn dogged my prom date at the beach after-party and had to leave the state for two years.
by eric March 29, 2005
The act of inserting a corn dog into the rectum of your partner, stick first, and then proceeding to eat it out. The stick is optional. Condiments are not recommended.
Dude, I totally was corndogging last night, and let me tell you, corndogging makes corndogs ten times better. Shit is the new ketchup.
by cynnicism October 14, 2011
Something to bring up on a profile.
"I like corndogging"
by iceeeeeeee March 21, 2010
(v) The act of having simulated sex with a woman who is hesitant to engage in intercourse. The woman holds her hand in front of her vagina and the man has sex with her hand. Can also be used to simulate anal sex if a tighter grip is used. Reportedly can be very satisfying.
Not Roger: I enjoy corndogging.
David: That's really weird man.
Self Michael: Gross!
by RooMeD September 04, 2011
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