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A jew pot-high.
"Oy gavult, I couldn't smoke any more, that last binger got me plenty CHEMPY."
by Jetskilz February 15, 2009
This is the act of wiping your sweaty, quivering, pink cornhole with a chef's jacket you are about to return to a kitchen you're no longer employed at. Best if used in a spiteful manner.
"That cocksucker who fired me is wearing the ASSJACKET...I can still see corn on the sleeve."
by Jetskilz February 15, 2009
What happens when you stick your cock in someones asshole, have them blow you, then kiss them, eventually eating the corn that has already been digested by the corndogee.
"I thought it was awesome that she let me ass-slam her. Then she went ATM! I was so overcome with dominant pleasure, that I had kissed her. It was then, that I realized I had become a victim of a brutal corndogging."
by Jetskilz February 15, 2009
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