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the act of when man-foke seamen is sprayed acrossed a womens rack which the female conterpart par takes in mositerising the jizem into her boosm
this was an example of corn-flower saturday
by TinMan008 October 12, 2011
9 4
A virginal rectum.
After a night of karaoke and appletini's, Elmer decided to give his cornflower to Merle.
by Martin Scorsleazy April 16, 2009
6 3
1. a friend of a xanax or cailyn. a cailyn is otherwise know as cialis
2. prostitue who will only have wenis sex
1. ya, i'm her cornflower and she's my cailyn
2. i was really horny so i hired a cornflower, but it wasn't what i expected.
by xanax January 03, 2008
1 7