after anal sexual desires are forfilled, you take the penis out, if there is reminances of corn, you make the oral hostess eat the corn, thus inducing vomit and emotional scaring
i made that ho give me a corn on the cob
by paul December 03, 2003
1] corn kernals still attached to their ear of corn
2] racist name for a white person with cornrow-ed hair
1 - mmm this corn on the cob is really tasty
2 - hey look that cracker is a corn on the cob
by letsgetitcrackinB December 01, 2003
A lovemaking move. Possess your woman anally, from behind, getting a good rhythm going. Then when the moment feels right, pull out for a second to reveal a single kernel of corn resting atop your cock.

women love this move.
c'mon baby, how's about some sweet corn on the cob
by Buck Turgidson II April 19, 2011
where a woman eats a lot of corn, and then receives anal sex and takes a load on his penis. When he pulls it out it is covered in corn once the woman gives him a blow job, she eats the corn.
Last night i did the corn on the cob with stacie.
by Andy Peeps May 18, 2008
To fuck a woman from behind.
Then take a sharp implement in each hand and jab her in the hips, thus "corn on the cobbing" her.
"why do you have forks by your bed?"

"gonna have corn on the cob later"
by smelly sock September 17, 2008
Corn on the cob, also known as "the Gerald Matthews": When you're exploring a woman's breasts with your mouth, and your first instinct is to bite down as hard as you can rather than gently caressing their nipple's with your tongue.
Bob: You totally hurt Sally last night
Jim: What, how?
Bob: She was crying earlier and said you pulled a corn on the cob on her, I could see the blood dripping through her shirt!
by Qport November 20, 2015
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