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American Slang for the anus. Originated from the use of corn husks as primitive toilet paper in Colonial days. Mainly used in the South and Midwest.
Man One: Agghhh! My corn hole itches like hell!
Man Two: Dude, wipe your ass better next time!
by TreeAnt January 07, 2009
79 53
(O) <--- That right there.
I ate a can of corn, waited a day and put my cornhole over the toilet and corn and cornlogs came out.
by gammarock January 31, 2004
2510 840
The act of gently inserting your well lubed erect cock into your womans well rimmed and squeeky clean anus. Making sure plenty of lube has also been applied to her sphincter as well. With a gentle push, once the crown of your cock has stretched her sphincter, you allow her bung muscle to relax and then start a gradual entering of her turdcutter. Once fully in her turdcutter, you begin a slow, short pumping motion until you build up to a full length cock stabbing penetration of her dumphole. Stroking as fast as possible, while holding on to her hips until you reach the point of no return. You finish off, balls deep in her rectum. Pumping your gooey man juice deep in her crapper, coating the walls of her colon.
After I cornhole you, you won't shit right for a week.
by The Cornhole King January 07, 2005
3255 1974
1) to anally fuck someone
2) the asshole
1) i want to corn hole britney spears
2) i want to stick my penis in britney
spear's corn hole.
by Adam March 18, 2004
630 258
anus, ass pipe, chocolate factory, exit, turd squirter, shit hole, butthole, you get the picture
After being in prison for three years I can say with complete honesty that my corn hole has seen better days.
by Falken January 17, 2003
328 170
Corn Hole is a serious toss game played in leauges on the West Side of Cincinnati Ohio. The game and targets are very similar to Bag'O, a commercial game frome the East Coast U.S..
My buddies from Delhi a I get together on the weekends to drink beer and play Corn Hole.
by anonymous September 04, 2003
435 284
anal sex
penis into the cornhole
by jackcat July 10, 2008
530 438
Just another word for ass hole.
I turned her over and did her in the "corn hole"
by Paul February 10, 2003
182 123