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The most awesomest, coolest, Harry Potter lovin' girl to ever walk the freakin' planet! Sure, she does some of the stupidest crap sometimes and she usually tends to fall out of her chair a lot in various classes but her awesomeness makes up for it. And, did I mention she loves Harry Potter? She freakin' LOVES that series. And she's just coolio. Like, legit she's just that kind of person who doesn't care what people think and will dance like a freakin' idiot in a public place just to prove this particular aspect of herself. And, did I mention she's awesome? Cause she is.
1. Random Guy: Did that girl just call me a Muggle?

Random Girl: Yeah, 'cause she's a Corei.

2. Random Guy: Why is that girl so awesome?

Random Guy: Oh, she must be a Corei.

Other Random Guy: OH! That explains it!
by LunaLovegoodAteMyNargles November 27, 2011
When the panties bunch up into the crotch
Similar to the Camel's Toe. Found on the ventral side of any Dromedary and Bactrian species.
Riding on bicycle really gives me a Corei.
by The Pasta Guy September 08, 2011
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