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The best damn boots ever.

Used in the US Miltary for many years

100% Made in the USA and will kick the shit out of any of these lil Doc Marten nazi fag shit

Very well made boots and very comftorable

Can withstand alot of use and still look beautiful shined up
yall young boys dont know about the corcorans

if your serious about investing in some combat boots you best get you a pair of Corcorans
by true soldier January 18, 2010
an awesomely cool kick ass man. that do to though no homo. but mano. the cool dank dank awesome shit. and need not have red hair.
holy shit, that guy is a corcoran
by zachary corcoran August 09, 2008
The best damn boots ever

100% Made in the USA and will kick the shit out of any nazi faggot Doc Marten shit or made in china bs

These are the boots used by the US Military

Very comftorable and well made boots. Can withstand rugged use yet still look beautiful all shined up

If your serious about investing in some very well made boots, get you some Corcorans
yall young boys dont even kno about the corcorans

some white supremist pricks just got smacked around with some corcorans

you see that guy over there, he must have been in the army he got his Corcorans on
by sargent elias January 18, 2010
smelly and capable of robbing anything that is not tied down, can't open doors
by mynameisbobdole October 28, 2011
1. An Irish surname, related to O'Corcoran, McCorcoran, and Corcrain, derived from the Gaelic "Corcra" meaning a purple or ruddy complexion.

2. A generic term for a bacterial STD (i.e. one you can "wash off") and/or a yet-undiscovered STD.
1. "Corcoran is his last name. Must be Irish."

2. "Dude, I think I have Corcoran. It burns when I pee - and there's a lot of itching."
by renae corcoran July 18, 2008
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