A shithole of a place located in south-eastern Kentucky. The population consists of fugly teenage girls that do nothing but text message on their iPhones, nasty whores, redneck men/women, and douchebag football and basketball players from the local high school. Only approximately 5% of the population that lives there is not inbred, is well-educated, and doesn't have recreational sex. Black people are extinct in this town. There is nothing to do there for entertainment purposes, unless you get a kick out of trolling the local Topix forum boards and watching drunk people crawl out of the local bar called "O'Mally's #2."

Oh, and it's also home to the original KFC! WARNING TO BLACK PEOPLE: Don't go to eat at the KFC there if you stop by! Corbin, KY is the most racist place on the face of the Earth.
Boy: So, where are you from?
Girl: -completely ignores him while texting her bff-
Boy: Ah, so you're from Corbin, right?
Girl: -ignores while texting, yet again-
Boy: Riiiight...
by RockyRoll December 21, 2010
Top Definition
A person so awesome thier name is almost unheard of (and they are raven-haired). There are only a few people named corbin. Ever since the sixties this name has been a growing trend. It is most popular as a surname.
Corbin Dallas, Corbin Bleu, Corbin Bernsen,
by Roskam December 23, 2007
A very uncommon name that is heard of very rarely. Often having ravened colored hair.Corbin definition is a gift from God.
Gurl 1: Hey look at Corbin
Gurl 2: Which one is he
Gurl 1: The one with the raven hair
Gurl 2: OHHH!!!! He's fine!!!!
by Corbin Dot July 10, 2008
A name for a sexually promiscuous man who's penis was used as a model for the Eiffel tower. You may not be able to tell just by looking at him but behind his steel reinforced pants lies a weapon of mass destruction powerful enough to inseminate every female in the world at once--Twice.
bob: Dude I don't know what to do, I've got 4 girls pregnant
Joe: Dude you are such a corbin

Lisa: Im sorry to hear about your loss, how did she die?
Erin: She had sex with a corbin.
by elbeautiful May 16, 2011
Name usually but means Raven (corvinous latin for raven) aso can be like raven colored hair.
Im Corbin..
Hes got some corbin (black dark brown) hair
by Corbin Atkinson July 12, 2006
To insert the balls and penis into the rectum of another person.
That guy totally corbined someone yesterday
by corbiner April 22, 2013
a overly large penis the size of a skateboard
i looked at my corbin today and it was the size of my skateboard
by pooplik June 18, 2008
Corbin is usually quiet and doesnt speak much exept when making one of the many references to memes or viral videos, such as "seems legit", "such doge, much wow" and "pussy bitch". Hes someone, who is influenced by pop culture. He likes to watch youtube videos and play video games.
bitch nigga cunt corbin
by biggus dickus 69 September 16, 2014
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