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A shithole of a place located in south-eastern Kentucky. The population consists of fugly teenage girls that do nothing but text message on their iPhones, nasty whores, redneck men/women, and douchebag football and basketball players from the local high school. Only approximately 5% of the population that lives there is not inbred, is well-educated, and doesn't have recreational sex. Black people are extinct in this town. There is nothing to do there for entertainment purposes, unless you get a kick out of trolling the local Topix forum boards and watching drunk people crawl out of the local bar called "O'Mally's #2."

Oh, and it's also home to the original KFC! WARNING TO BLACK PEOPLE: Don't go to eat at the KFC there if you stop by! Corbin, KY is the most racist place on the face of the Earth.
Boy: So, where are you from?
Girl: -completely ignores him while texting her bff-
Boy: Ah, so you're from Corbin, right?
Girl: -ignores while texting, yet again-
Boy: Riiiight...
by RockyRoll December 21, 2010
An individual who enjoys getting a lit cigarette shoved in their cornhole while aggressively making love to multiple men.
Did you see that Corbin with all those Virginia Slims hanging out of his ass on Haley Street?
by Riley170 August 10, 2011
I extremely tall guy who has a surprisingly small penis. He makes sure to flaunt his small penis at every possible occasion, for reasons unknown to the people around him.
Man I just went to the bathroom to take a leak and corbin was pissing like 2 feet from the urinal so everyone could see his 1 inch dick. what the fuck?
by henry34 October 20, 2011