Generally a derogatory term for someone with red hair.
Hey check out the hottie with the red hair... I'd like to get some of that copper top.
by pastey whitey July 19, 2005
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Coppertop or Copper Top refers to an .avi file that floated around on shock sites such as and in the late 90's and early 2000's. It was a short video of a man passing two AA batteries out of his penis in series (i.e. one after another). This internet gem has seemingly been lost, and as of 2009 cannot be found on the web.
"Why do they call this video coppertop? It's just a -- AAHHH WTF?!"
by Looking4CopperTop August 06, 2009
A Matrix term for "Human being still plugged into the matrix". The name comes from the fact the humans in the pods could be turned into batteries with the electricity from the human body. (See The Matrix 1: Morpheus and Neo in the Construct)
"Shut Up, Coppertop"
by XeroCi May 09, 2005
Bullet of the armor piercing variety.
Better back up or I'll be liftin the lid off this glock and lighin off a few "copper tops".

by Dr. Jeckel November 22, 2006
When you attempt anal sex with your partner but they terminate the act when only the tip of your penis has penetrated them.

Also, the act of receiving oral sex after said event.
She actually let me try anal with her last night but it hurt too much and she left me with a copper top.
by Scrops6513 February 15, 2011
A red-haired person.
Bryan is a coppertop.
by Zak Zennii July 20, 2005
an alcoholic drink containing rum and some kind of coke or pepsi. empty out the top 6oz or so of the soda from a 20oz bottle then fill with rum. the rum sits on top of the soda before mixing, giving it the 'coppertop' effect.
'Dude, you wanna make me a coppertop?'
'Sure man. One coppertop coming up.'
by Jay Uhlenhoff April 26, 2005
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