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A Matrix term for "Human being still plugged into the matrix". The name comes from the fact the humans in the pods could be turned into batteries with the electricity from the human body. (See The Matrix 1: Morpheus and Neo in the Construct)
"Shut Up, Coppertop"
by XeroCi May 09, 2005
A game in which you use 5 or 7 keys and a turntable to add your own sounds to music. It is a general arcade machine you can find usually packed in a section with other Bemani. Other simular games to this are Guitar Freaks, Drummania, and keyboard mania. Those games all use the same graphical layout.

B.) A Beatmania playing (see above) will sometime use the name of the game as a joking way to say jacking off or masterbation
A.) Let's go play Beatmania.. I'll Pwn you.

B.) I can play beatmania, too.... In the bathroom.
by XeroCi May 12, 2005
A term in DDR that refers to a long green arrow to which you have to hold the button down until it is off the screen.
Legend of Max speeds up to 600+ BPM on the Freeze Arrow
by XeroCi July 12, 2005
In The Groove. Created by RoXoR Games.
A game very simular to DDR. The concept is the same except you may have to hit 3 to 4 arrows at one time. You can play Single, Double, or 2 player. Instead of DDR's ps memory slot, this has a USBdrive slot, making it much easier than formatting a PS memory card from JAP DDR Ex. to ARC DDR Ex.. ITG's songs generally arn't as catchy or as good as DDR's songs, but the steps are more fun and it's twice as addicting. Also see DDR, Dance Dance Revolution, In the Groove, Beatmania.
"Want to go play In The Groove?"
"Helbs yesh!"
by XeroCi May 01, 2005

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