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To purchase or aquire.
I wanna cop some drugs.
by anarchypunk April 25, 2005
18 12
The people we hate when we are breaking the law, but the people we love when the wrong people go crazy.
I hate cops when I get pulled over, but love cops when im at the mall and some crazy guy is killing people with an AK-47
by Optical_Epilepsy April 22, 2011
24 11
1. Colloqial for police officer.
2. To shoot up heroin.
3. To steal, hustle, or any other illicit activity.
1. The cop pulled me over for doing 90 in my STi when I should have been doing 40.
2. The punks used to cop out in the back alley during shows.
by tetsoysauce September 27, 2007
19 9
A POlice. A fuzz. An ossifer of the law.
Hey, Jake, does your dad work for a living?

Nah, he's a cop.


Nah, he's an Oakland cop.
by Joao Bufamarillo May 13, 2005
59 51
Citizen On Patrol...very baller people
Leslie and Nicole are AWESOME C.O.P's!!!
by Nicole and Leslie May 02, 2005
14 7
Cream On Panties - When a female notices a warm discharge seeping from her coot. This typically happens with a sneaky arousal.

Jackie: "Amy you have great tits! You made me C.O.P."
by Jackie & Amy October 25, 2007
7 6
Official harasser of the unsuspecting public.
The cop stopped the guy and took his information, 'cause otherwise he might actually have to work.
by Nope4810 April 15, 2005
55 54