A highly overrated beer that was born in the great state of Colorado. If you were to drink real beer (St Bernardus Abt 12, Rochefort, Peche Mortel, Yeti, Old Ruffian, Arrogant Bastard, Hop Henge, Dreadnaught IPA...etc) and then take a piss into glass (1/4 full) then fill the rest up with carbonated water -you would have a beer that tastes like Coors Light (albeit a bit better).
Johnny drinks Coors Light because he can't handle beer that tastes like...well...beer!
by The MrEcted One April 11, 2006
Top Definition
Cheap beer that isnt the best tasting, but is great to drink with friends just to have fun and get drunk. Popular among young people (especially college).
Don't diss Coors Light just because its not some fancy rich-ass beer. It gets you drunk, and thats all that counts.
by Kamoflage July 27, 2004
The best selling light beer in the USA. The Silver Bullet ROCKS!
Coors Light, The Silver Bullet!
by D0c February 22, 2006
Amazing beer, simply because of both price and availability. Has made both freshmen year, and girls, much better. Good beer that gets you drunk, and isn't that the most important thing in college?
John "Hey man, I'm bored.. It's thursday, at this boring ass college"
Erik "Well John, I got some Coors Light that will get us fucked up"
by FuckingFowls March 25, 2010
quite possibly the greatest beer in american history. a beer that embodies the american dream, and those who dont think so are communists.
billy went to the liquor store to buy a 30 rack of coors light for his party
by haydobiscuit January 03, 2011
A yellow, fizzy type of bottled water, sometimes passed off as beer to mindless peasants who think it will get them women.
Idiot 1: Hey man this is the coldest tasting beer in the universe!

Idiot 2: Yeah man, it totally rocks!

Me: Umm, last I heard, the only tastes were salt, bitter, sweet, sour. Cold isnt a taste, it's a sensation, morons.
by The Brewmeister May 04, 2005
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