A long time.
"I ain't got laid in a coon's age."
by SpeedoMask April 13, 2004
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hickbilly slang used to descibe a long period of time; roughly 8 and a half years
Well tarnation! I havent seen Jethro in a coons age
A period of time that denotes a long while has elapsed.
Jonny, I haven't see you in a coon's age, How the hell are you?
by Tbone April 22, 2004
Normally raccoons normally live roughly 5-6 years in the wild. However once in awhile you will find a big grizzly one that is about 15-16 years old. This my friends, is what you call a "coon's age".
I've had that dog for a coons age, I wouldn't give it up.
by Shattoww January 24, 2008
a very long time
I've been waiting a Coon's Age for you to get your sorry keister out of the bathroom!
by doogface April 01, 2012
A period 28 days long. Every four years, a coon's age is 29 days long.
Why is Black History Month in February? That's how long a Coon's Age is.
by nodarkness February 22, 2013
The average term a black black man spends in prison. Usually used to describe an extended period of time.
I haven't heard this song in a coon's age.
This is the first time we've been to the beach in like a year. I know it feels like a coon's age.
by JaxUrey May 27, 2013

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