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This is when a black comedian/actor uses stereotypes of black people to make a white audience laugh.
Taking the low road.
Tyler Perry's movies and characters are all examples of coonin' stereotypes. All old black men are mushy mouth slow-talking bald fools. All black women are overweight, overbearing and wiser than anyone else on the planet.
by nittyb March 02, 2010
The act of doing nothing productive when there is work to be done. Also can involve doing everything possible to get out of said work or just being sketchy in general.
Friend 1: You guys want to study for our test?
Friend 2: Naw We're lookin to coon

I was coonin so hard last night! I got nothing done.
by Coon master December 21, 2012
to be chillin, relaxed.
Dude, we coonin' it today?
by brndn December 16, 2007
mostly done by black folks, this is the artful skill of driving an automobile whilst leaning back as far as possible in your seat, oftentimes giving the impression that one cannot see over the dashboard. white boys often try this maneuver, but make fools of themselves.
"Damn, look at that fool thinks he's coonin' in his fine ride"

"Dumb white boy, he's leanin' back so far, looks like he's sittin' on a bucket"
by busybusybusybusy May 24, 2009

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