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Coonicides is what has happened when one finds more than one raccoon dead in or alongside the road in close proximity to each other. In the springtime after giving birth to a litter of raccoon pups, the mother raccoon might commit coonicide after the father raccoon leaves the nest or den and goes to the ‘raccoon club’ with his pals. When young raccoons are old enough to walk, they might stay around the dead mother raccoon and absent-mindedly become victims themselves. When two or more raccoons commit coonicide, it is usually because of a domestic dispute that neither party can resolve. A coonicide or coonicides can actually be the result of horseplay where raccoon buddies will dare or challenge each other to wait until the last second to move out of the way of an approaching vehicle.
Why are all those raccon carcasses all over the road like that? Did you say 'coonicides'?
by LongmeadowFarm March 03, 2010
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A coonicide is the act of a raccoon taking his or her life by walking in front of a moving vehicle. Being a largely nocturnal animal, a coonicide will normally occur at night in rural setting or near an urban nature area where the raccoon species is prevalent. A daytime coonicide is a rare occurrence. Raccoons like to ‘play chicken’ with vehicles, and normally wait until the approaching vehicle is almost upon them before ambling off the road.
See that carcass in the road up ahead? Just another coonicide...
by LongmeadowFarm March 03, 2010

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