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An African-American woman's external genital organs, composed of the vulva (external) and vagina (internal). Used in black slang; Ebonics.

Derived and compounded from coon, an extremely disparaging and offensive term to describe a black person, and coochie a slang term for a woman's genital organs.


"I got that snapback coonchie, I know how to lock it up on a n***a!"

"I'm a single motherf*****g woman! I can throw this f*****g coonchie from here to motherf*****g Timbuktu!"

See. Coochie , Vag , Snatch , Beaver , Bat Cave , Pussy , Twat , Fish , Tuna , Muffin , Cat Trap .
I'm going to put this good coonchie on ya!
by D_Fresh0916 December 27, 2015
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