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a hole. dangerous town, life expectancy is short. death is bound to happen. scary place. raping happens, police are doggy not many good people come out of Coonamble.
"want to come to coonamble roedo with me?"

"no i want to live my life"
by coontown May 30, 2013
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Means 'Full of Dirt' or 'Full of Cattle Shit' or 'Amazing Sight'. Home of Adrian Zumbo, famous Pastry chef - master of the croquembouche as seen on Master Chef; Home of Alex Cullen, Channel 7 news reporter; birthplace of Sir Edward Hallstrom, the pioneer of refrigeration.
This Place is so Coonamble; This Place is such a Coonamble; You are so Coonamble
by CyberGirl99 February 20, 2011

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