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A phrase used by pre-teens and immature people instead of simply saying cool.
Mary: "I just got a new puppy!"
Lina: "OMG! COOL BEANS!!!!"

Mary: -____-
by spaghetti-fever August 18, 2012
3 6
Cool beans is a term in which:
1) someones amazement is shown.
2) you can't be bothered to think of suitble adectives, so you say "cool beans" as a replacement.
3) the person shows taste in vocabulary.
4) you show that you, yourself, are cool.
Rupert: I just sold my car, quick quick!
You: wow! cool beans!

Jim: I grated a carrot today and cut my finger
You: *sigh* cool beans

Kevin: Do you know what "antidisestablishmentarianism" means!?
You: I "cool beans" to you, sir.

Crowd: *shock and awe*
by Jmineh October 20, 2011
4 7
Another way of describing that something is groovy.
NIGGA':"I'm going to teh supermarket, cracka'!"

CRACKA':"Cool beans, nigga'."
by WAHLBERGER September 24, 2010
2 5
A cooler way to say 'cool'. Why beans? Well you have Chili Beans, which sounds like Chilly Beans, which literally would be Cold Beans... Viola: Cool Beans.
You scored front row tickets to the concert? Cool beans!
by ChrisnHouston May 22, 2010
12 15
when something, person, place or thing. maybe the moment of time is just beyond the greatest. radical. off the heezy yo.

related to the familiar word cool. But above and beyond the meaning as if you were to times the word by 789 to the infinite.

use this word in any senario...
person1: I just shaved my cat all over and then I made a mayonaise sandwich for my mother.

person2: oh snap! how rad was that?!

person1: It was hella cool beans!

ex. 2

F - aw heyel no, you di'ent just call be a south arabian albotross. nu uh uh you did not. *snap*

M - oh no no no, i aint gettin up in yo grill. you must of heard me wrong. i said we cool beans

F- aww yeuuhh. we cool, we cool. infact we cool beans.

M- sounds cool beans to me ;)
by tacmas July 24, 2009
8 11
A really cool restaurant in Toms River, usually the place all the teens in town go to after they go to the decrepit movie theater next door. Known for their great coffee and awesome wraps, as well as the ancient art of karaoke every Monday night. It's got an excellent wait-staff that includes the craziest mofo on the planet Johnny Frana, he belittles and otherwise ridicules all the tweens that come in, but they're too stupid to realize it. The best thing on the menu is the appetizer sampler. In other words, it's the mecca of fun and entertainment if you don't feel like dealing with the bar scene.
Person 1: Hey what are you doing tonight, person 2?
Person 2: I'm gonna go to Cool Beans and watch Johnny belittle some giggling idiots.
Person 1: May I join you for said activity?
Person 2: Of course.
by Echoes917 May 28, 2008
22 25
an older way of saying cool.
"Want to come to the movies with me, Shannon, and Eric tonight?"

"Yeah, cool beans"
by shannon rebecca January 26, 2008
8 11