Coogi sweaters were originally made for older white folks who played golf at the local country club. Now the bright, expensive designs have been discovered by the, of course, mostly low income, poverty stricken, hip-hop culture. Basically, if one owns a Coogi sweater, the rent will be over due but one gains status. Yup, with some construction boots made by Timberland and a skiing coat made by The North Face, you can look fresh AND not have any money to buy the groceries... Nice.
Kih' 1: "Man, my stomach grumbling..."
Kih' 2: "Go get some grub, what."
Kih' 1: "Nah man I got this coogi so bitches can know that I got the biggest cock aroun' and I got no dough, you think you cou spot me?"
Kih' 2:"Nah, but you lookin' mad colorful due', zaaaaaa."
by dalethefarmer August 01, 2007
Top Definition
A clothing line that is recognised by its colorful designs and its ridiculous prices.
dude1: Did you see those sweet Coogi jeans with the yellow, red orange, green purple and light blue stripes on the pockets ?

dude2: Yea they're on sale for only $149.99.
by scooby-dooby-doo August 12, 2008
A Girl's Pussy
Man #1:Damn That Girl Sexy
Man #2:Yeah I'm Trying 2 get That Coogi
by Secret #2 July 10, 2008
Name of a white child from armonk who wears Coogi shirts everyday who believes he is black and never does his english homework.
Kid: did he do his english homework?

Other Kid: nah, he's coogi, he never does it
by nickygio June 05, 2011
can be used for almost anything but mostly referred to as a girl pussy also accepted as a greeting or accepting one's apology.
1. "id hit that coogi"

2. bro 1: "hey man"
bro 2: "whats coogi, bro?"

3. bro 1: "im sorry"
bro 2: "no worries, its all coogi"
by wakkaflokka May 12, 2010
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