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A person who has a warm, friendly personality. A Coobie is generally very musically inclined, and is very passionate about music; has lots of friends, but few people that are very close; is in love with the wrong person, while the right person is just waiting to be seen.
He's such a Coobie! He can always make me smile. I saw him in band today, talking to that girl. I wonder when he'll notice she isn't right for him?
#warm #musician #loving #happy #clueless
by xlovedontliveherex October 25, 2011
A large Breasted Older women who is on the Prowl for Younger men
Can you belive how many young Guys that Coobie has gotten to make out with her tonight
#cougar #boobie #predator #sexual #prowler
by Coobie March 14, 2009
A person of the African American race (aka a nigger) or a white person who acts and dresses as though they are an nigger

of the word coon
Coobis = Multiple Coobie
There is a coobie wearing a pink t-shirt 8 sizes too big
by bendazzle August 05, 2004
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