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kizirt is involved in a definition of fuckshit
........um yea, this is just bendazzle, and kizirt sucks ryan h's nuts which are on his face
by bendazzle August 05, 2004
A nigger who is massivly obeast, masturbates constantly (sometimes with random domestic animals), and steals from the poor and less fortunate.

for a similar type of person, see ryan h
You kizirt, why are you humping that stray dog?
Hey look at the kizirt stealing from that homo.
by bendazzle August 04, 2004
The shortened version of the name COOBIE SHOE COMPANY. A Future Skate and Surf Company founded by Bendazzle, Tommy aka T Unit, and Nutface, see ryan h a flamming nigger.
The founding boys participate in Jackass like activities because there town is fucking boring and there is nothing to do in it. Expect the Coob Co tapes in the future to witness these activities.

See Coobie
I just got new coob co shoes, there awsome.
The Coob co tapes are hilarious.
by bendazzle August 05, 2004
a person who thinks and says sick and dirty things, usually about fucking. Therefor someone came up with combining sick and fuck. Thats a smart ass person.
ryan h: I wanna fuck you up the nose
random person: eeww bitch your one sick fuck

thanks to tayler for the inspiration of this defintion
by bendazzle August 06, 2004
A person of the African American race (aka a nigger) or a white person who acts and dresses as though they are an nigger

of the word coon
Coobis = Multiple Coobie
There is a coobie wearing a pink t-shirt 8 sizes too big
by bendazzle August 05, 2004

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