short version of the word coosh, the bomb marijuana.
Lets roll a blunt of some chron.. na bro i got me the bombs, purple coo. Enough said lets smoke.
by Big Boi June 17, 2006

p2: Coo'.
by nukamichianpaux May 12, 2010
Another word for the vagina.
After losing my virginity, my coo hurt.
by CooRiderOfTheNight June 12, 2010
A slightly shortened version of "cool"
used by only the cooest people, coo is the best way to describe something that is completely awesome. is the cooest website i visit daily.
i have such a coo life.
by cooest XD July 10, 2010
or Child of Owner

1. Those who are under Daddy's or Mommy's orders.

2. Those who couldn't find a decent job "yet" and works for their parents.

3. A mockery of C.O.O. which is supposed to mean Chief Operating Officer
"My son?! C.O.O., oh yeah, he's been working for me the whole time, what a bum."

"Right now, he's a proud C.O.O. of his dad's company, couldn't get a job yet."
by C.O.O. April 17, 2009
someone who is so cool and smooth that they don't even finish the normal syntax in lieu of a quicker, sleeker version of 'cool' <i.e. above the norm, rebel-like>
"Man have you seen Boo Sky? They are coo peeps"
by Kickinwing94 June 10, 2009
cool and/or alright; okay / yes; in agreeance with.
coo man, coo.
by california403 February 27, 2009
Slang for a crazy or overly eccentric woman. Often describes a talkative, overbearing and overly opinionated loud woman.
That old coos got loaded and now she won't shut up.
by Mike-ekiM May 16, 2007

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