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Verb - The action of a person or persons that jump into the middle of a conversation and start talking over everyone putting in thier two cents whether it was asked for ot not.
"So i was talking to Steve the other day about his wife being pregnant right, and in jumps Marcy and John and they totally convojack me because they have had a kid recently. Those two seem to convojack me at every chance they get"
by METAL BLOOD July 09, 2009
While someone(Person A) is talking to another person(B) on AOL Instant Messenger, one(C) or more parties(D) interrupt their conversation by sending the first(A) person an im, getting a part of the conversation the first meant to sent to the other(B)
PersonA: HI!
PersonB: hey baby
PersonA: im gonna ditch my friends today, lets go hang ou-
(interrupted by convo jacker)
PersonC: yo are you coming out with us tonight

PersonA presses enter, and a mess ensues
by vein01 April 08, 2006

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