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A term that unifies “casualization” (from casual), with “consoles”. While in videogames “casualization” means a tendency to make things less complex and accessible to the masses, “consolization” means the “casualization” applied to games that weren’t casual before. It applies to all kind of games who become less complex because of the necessity of convert mouse to pad controls, lower on memory or graphics requeriments, or downgrade any kind of management (losses the x,y axis, big menus, scrolling inventories, auto aim, auto stats, lack of editor or mod support, etc).
Many games have lost plenty of quality due to their consolization, their predecessors were richer and deeper in each aspect but these multiplatform versions were designed limited by inferior platforms...
by Dassault August 12, 2013
A term invented by rabid PC enthusiasts to describe any game that isn't Baldur's Gate 2 and doesn't require spread-sheet style character management or which uses an accessible interface for gameplay. If the gameplay is easy to get into, PC enthusiasts will consider it rubbish and consolized, no matter how difficult the actual game might be.

Anybody not in agreement on a game being 'consolized' is considered inferior and will never be allowed into said PC enthusiast's battlestati-, err basement.
Clearly that game suffers from consolization, because even though it has won awards for most innovative gameplay, most involving story and best AI in a game, it displays a little text that tells you to press 'E' every time you want to open a door.
by Zoompaloompa June 23, 2011