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A term used to describe a statement or action which defies logic beyond all comprehension and in the face of all evidence to the contrary.

Named after Australian Senator Stephen Conroy, who continues to push the government's internet censorship policy despite almost universal condemnation and evidence that it will be completely impractical, unworkable and counter-productive in its stated aims.
Dude, that's the dumbest thing I've ever seen you do. You're such a Conroy!

This writing makes no sense at all. Go back and fix the Conroy's.
by Ben_Aus September 17, 2010
An archaic term used to describe an absolute victory, whether occurring over a bloody battlefield, across a lacquered negotiating table or under wrinkled bedsheets. It was often used as an antonym to the phrase "pyrrhic victory" in that the positions of both parties are usually improved as a result of the confrontation.

It has since been adopted as a surname by a proud Celtic bloodline that has routinely produced exemplars of greatness. Famous Conroys at the dawn of the twenty first century include Pat Conroy, Kevin Conroy and Frances Conroy.

Note: Though undoubtedly influenced by the military prowess of ancient Conroy warriors, the French term "conroi" means a small group of knights that train and fight together. It has been widely speculated that the four horsemen of the apocalypse will be a conroi of Conroys.
"Howie just took a beautiful woman up to his bedroom. From the sounds of things, I bet it'll end in conroy."

"Wow, Vince, Ross and Ed just beat up an entire ninja clan. It's sorta weird that the ninjas and them are all laughing about it now. I guess it was a conroy."
by Ed Crowley September 30, 2013
Egomaniac; Narcissistic person; someone suffering from delusions of power and grandeur due to excessive alcohol consumption.
Did you see that ugly, drunken conroy primping in the mirror? He thinks he is Donald Trump, when in reality he's just a poor working slob.
by coult45 November 24, 2006
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