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Pink eye, something you get from burying your face in a strippers ass.
"Aw dude, I got conjunctivitis"

"That's what you get when you put a stripper's butt on your face"
by breakfastcandy December 14, 2009
Pink eye. It is an infection in the eye that's really contagious, ugly, and gross.

Not exactly a slang word, but it definitely sounds cooler than saying "pink eye."

Also, while this is not a sexually transmitted disease, if you have sex with someone with conjunctivitis, you will probably get conjunctivitis.
"Let's do it"
"Can't... I have conjunctivitis"
by Ash Money January 02, 2007
taking a sick day from work in conjunction with the weekend.
Billy called in sick Monday. I think he had "conjunctivitis".
by jpeterman57 November 11, 2007