The hard part about learning a new language. Conjugating the verb is changing the end of the verb so it fits the tense (past or present?), number (singular or plural?), person (1st, 2nd, 3rd?), and many other fancy grammatical aspects (perfect, imperfect?) of the rest of the sentence.
In German class, Brandon had to conjugate the verb machen:

Ich mache der kase.
Du machst der kase.
Er macht der kase.
Wir machen der kase.
Ihr macht der kase.
Sie machen der kase.

He was exhausted by the end of class.
#german #conjugation #verb #verbs #tense
by aleclair November 10, 2005
Top Definition
To have sex, as used in Animaniacs.
(teaching grammar) "Yakko, do you know how to conjugate?"
"Who, me? I've never even kissed a girl!"
"No, it's easy. Here, I'll conjugate with you."
"Goodnight, everybody!"
#sex #pun #animaniacs #innuendo #double entendre
by Shay Guy July 16, 2008
To have sexual intercourse...sometimes to music. A term of exclamation used to tell someone you just had sex.

The term comes from the song Killer Queen, where it sounds like Freddie Mercury says, "Little man from China, who conjuagtes vagina."
1. MAN,I just conjugated that...GIGGETY GIGGETY GIGGETY
2. I was up till 3 last night conjugating
#fornicate #screw #make love #do #f**k
by Delta T December 14, 2005
A word used to describe the action of drinking or pouring alcoholic beverages. Commonly used in a tent to hide the fact that there is liquor present.
"Hey man conjugate this shit for me!"

"Let's conjugate!"
#drinking #tent #nash #liquor #alcohol
by Nash007 January 09, 2008
The "unlearned" way of saying congregate.
Excuse me fellas, but I'm gunna have to ask you guys to conjugate over there.
#language #stupid #conjugate #congregate #idiotic #crazy #high school
by paperbagman January 13, 2008
1.V; To properly pronounce words, and form Sentances; Usually applied to speech, but may be used for typed communication.
Joe conjugated his words so poorly, that i had to ask him to repeat what he said.
by Bookworm February 04, 2005
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