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a. Complicated, intricately involved; intense shifts or exchanges; often referring to intense and abstract thoughts, feelings, or emotions that are changing or altering constantly.
b. Seperate and unrelated ideas or concepts that are muddled together into a single idea or concept.
-Bob's feelings on life are conjolted, he can find no peace.
-Joe and Susan are having a conjolted debate about life.

-"My feelings on abortion are conjolted. I'm against abortion, but I'm for killing babies." - Bob
by Torrayan February 24, 2010
Something that is complicated; intricately involved. Often used when referring to one's thoughts or feelings.
a. I keep having these conjolted thoughts, and I can't seem to understand them.
b. John and Susie have been arguing about the same concept for hours. It has become a very conjolted conversation.
c. My thoughts on this situation are conjolted and hard to put into words.
by Torrayan Hare February 24, 2010
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