A legislative body that has the real power. They fund and create laws and programs, impeach, and confirm appointments. The president almost always has to get past them before anything can be done. I can understand why its easy to blame the president for everything that is wrong because there is only one president and hundreds of congresspeople, but if you really want to have a voice, get off your butt and contact your local congressperson
Write to your local Senator or Congressperson
by remeber me! July 24, 2010
A group of people so corrupted by money that they have no idea how the normal American thinks, but apparently knows enough to tell us what we can and cannot do.
Man From Congress: Who in here would honestly sell their private jet and fly commercial?
by AnonymousVoxPopuli February 05, 2012
A large group of older men who probably have penis sizes lower than average. They enjoy finding things they dislike, or don't control, and trying to destroy/ruin them. They think mainly of themselves and don't mind destroying a few lives to make a quick buck. They avoid taxes and keep their millions of dollars to themselves, and think that those who are poor need to stay poor and they need to stay on top. They recently tried to steal the internet, but where shot down. They also believe that constitutional rights aren't really that important, and can be bent to their liking.
SOPA/ACTA/PIPA are all acts of the Congress.

They can be compared to the Church during the middle ages. Take from the poor, keep it for yourself.
by A pissed off citizen February 15, 2012
Do-Nothing F@#cktards who couldn't solve a problem if it was eating them alive anus first.
"95% of Americans want an assault weapons ban yet all Congress wants to do is kick us in the nuts, have gay sex in airport bathrooms, and vote themselves pay raises.
by The Real Jon Stewart April 30, 2013
As in United States Congress, another word for a woman's vagina.
Guy 1: Did you get to see her Congress?
Guy 2: Hell yeah!
by MeowKittehFace April 09, 2011
Synonym for cluster-fuck.
There's a 10 car pileup on I-95, its a real congress.
by ShutdownHater October 08, 2013
One of the major parts of the United States federal government that contains 2 parts: the House and the Senate. Also, members are usually designated to the Republicans, the Democrats or to an independent party. They are pretty powerful since one of their major functions is passing or repealing laws that can effect the entire country. These people work long and hard to try to take away your freedoms every single day by passing more and more laws and bills that are completely useless and unnecessary. These people also tend to act like idiotic butthurt teenagers with too much power in their hands.

These politicians are so butthurt that they will shutdown the government if no one agrees with their views. Logic and reasoning, as well as actual facts and data won't get through to them. One such case is Nancy Pelosi who stated that every month 500,000,000 Americans lose their jobs. The major flaw with her statement is that in 2009 (the year that she stated that), there were only 316 million people in the United States and yes, she said millions. This is one of the examples of the failures of Congress.
Congress consists of 2 parts: The House and the Senate and this branch of government is filled with nothing but butthurt children with too much power and are idiotic to boot. This, of course, is a pretty terrible combination for the country.
by Digital Preacher January 09, 2015

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