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A combination of the words "confused" and "hungry". Often used to describe the period of time before dinner where you aren't quite sure what you want to eat, but you are hungry. It can sometimes be a very frustrating situation if you are unable to figure out what you are hungry for.
Man, I don't know what to eat. I'm so confungry!
by Kaileyisaukulele August 11, 2010
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a state of mind one can get after all the confusing nutritional data about what is bad for your diet (carbs, fat, trans fat, sat fat, calories, etc.), while at the same time, since you can't figure what to eat you get hungry.
I'm soooo confungry about this delicious foods i can"t eat because they are not good for my health.
by Babyz7z7 February 21, 2011

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