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A state of memory somewhere between absolutely nothing and very very little something. Not the best place to be. You rather be at absolutely nothing were one has many more options instead of suffering from dilapidated hypomnesia in which you are in an almost limbo moronic state that allows you to be functional but to the very minimum of once capabilities...this is not an illness. this is an unfortunate gradual choice.
As he pressed the buttons of his (all purpose) remote for the 1,000,000 time while sitting on his 20 year old sofa and watch the same re-rans again and again with no care or purpose other than to kill the same time he has been killing for the last millennium, it was evident to all of us this was another tragic case of dilapidated hypomnesia.
by babyz7z7 October 10, 2011
a malady that affects mostly men of a certain age (mainly the group between late forties to early fifties) in which one lives in constant denial believing that somehow they are actually a teen or a twenty-something....symptoms include (but not limited to).....age denial, hair loss denial, body aches denial, immaturity, cry babyness, uncontrollable urges to buy a red corvette, ego trip fantasizing, sudden impulses to go on diets and exercises, date women 30 years younger and so many other infantile, irrational, altered behavioral patterns that cannot be enumerated because there is not enough space. Worse of all, some men can go without a cure for centuries....
Oh my God !!!! With sooooo many centerfolds hanging around him, at age 84, Hugh Hefner must have been suffering from middle-agecrisitis for centuries!...Then again, money can make you look so sexy....
by Babyz7z7 March 15, 2011
the study of everything and all things that bitches in all its forms, manners, individuals, reasons, ways, etc. etc, wether it is used to describe some form of unacceptable, annoying or raving type of behavior in a specific situation.
I passed my course in Bitchintology describing how bitch things in this world could be. for example; Life is a Bitch. Quit bitching around. That bichin' Masseratti will be mine someday.
by Babyz7z7 June 24, 2011
a state of mind one can get after all the confusing nutritional data about what is bad for your diet (carbs, fat, trans fat, sat fat, calories, etc.), while at the same time, since you can't figure what to eat you get hungry.
I'm soooo confungry about this delicious foods i can"t eat because they are not good for my health.
by Babyz7z7 February 21, 2011

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