To do what everyone else does.

Also a word thrown around by whiny ass teens who r too obsessed with what everyone else is doing and trying to do the opposite to be real. Wich in a funny twist all there whinny ass friends are doing the same thing so they’re being different by being the same as there little equally sheepish friends. SO DEAR GOD STOP CARING ABOUR IT AND PLEASE SHUT THE FUCK UP AND STOP CRYING YOUR MASCARA IS RUNING YOU WHINNY LAME ASS.
there realy isn't any relivant examples besides the people of north Korea other then that the words just being missused by whinny ass teens. The north Korea example doesn't even actualy work because i assume because of the propaganda machine (all news programs) there is guns 2 everyones head.

whinny teen: look at all the conformity everywhere it makes me sick and want to kill my self.

Me: please do you anouying little shit.
by luke neville November 15, 2006
The way a chick's pants ride on her ass.
Gah, that bitch's denim is conforming ALL UP in her shit!
by TheLinK January 24, 2004

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