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Adj. Describes a confabulated statement.
N. A fantastic, unbelievable, confabulated memory.
John told me that his brother drove him home, but he was was drunk and his brother lives in Texas, so I'm sure it was a confabulous story.

John said all the girls begged to dance with him, but he was too busy solving world peace. Confabulous!
#imaginary #apocryphal #apparitional #assumed #chimerical
by Coldsnap_NOLA January 07, 2013
having fabulous skills in wiining over others in negotiations; having confabulation skills.
The confabulous executive was able to convince the sriking workers to come back to work.
#negotiation skill #interpesonal relation #confab #convincing #wooing
by uttam maharjan April 03, 2011
something fabulously confusing
That word on free rice was confabulous.
#fabulous #awesome #confusing #epic #marvelous
by Julian514 November 19, 2010
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