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A Spanish word for rabbit, but can also refer to the Spanish word for pussy. (noun)
When I was little, my favorite toy was a stuffed conejo.
by mrd489 February 17, 2009
Sick as fuck chicano rapper, who also happens to know kempo.

Also the spanish word for "Rabbit".
"You in a trance/ im in a kempo stance"-Conejo
by bigbadchicano September 06, 2009
a rabbit, in Spanish. It's fun to say, especially when on caffeine.
there is mad conejo out today.
by daequan July 20, 2003
Vagina: : the lower part of the female reproductive tract; a moist canal in female mammals extending from the labia minora to the uterus; "the vagina receives the penis during coitus"; "the vagina is elastic enough to allow the passage of a fetus".
She used to smuggle drugs 'en el conejo'.
by Æble March 16, 2004