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You are all wrong. Condoring is the act of taking a tube, or small, round, inflatable raft with a hole in the middle, and you go down a swift moving river or creek. Originated by my brothers. :p
MY BROTHER: "Let's go tubing!"
MY FATHER: "NO! Let's go condoring!!!"
haha. It sounds funny.
by O_o_I'm_a_Freak_o_O January 02, 2009
Represents doing what you like; having a good time
"this is the year of the condor, we're just going to chill out all the time"
by Coach Carl April 19, 2005
Slang for a Twinkie, used to not attract attention of people who will steal your Twinkies.
Jason: Do you have my Condors?
Bailey: Yeah, I got the Condors.
by Marauding8_Antisec May 07, 2012
(NOUN) He is the masked protector of humanity. His mask is the skin he wears during the day to disguise himself as a human.
The Condor strikes again
by chestyman August 13, 2008
A girl with a great body but an unattractive face, much like the California Condor, a bird with a beautiful, majestic wingspan, but a really ugly head.
"That girl is really hot"

"Dude, that's a total Condor"
by DonkeyJote August 08, 2013
A bird that has an appetite for small children and babies. Sometimes known to raise babies as their, but usually eat them once they get big enough.
A condor just swooped down and grabbed my baby from the backseat of my convertible! help me!
by dustin v (a.k.a) d-ruck October 19, 2005
Somebodys mother who's really ugly and looks like a condor.
Can be adapted to anything ugly or uncool. Usually a "squawk" is followed in agreement
Docta Ghey: That girl is such a Condor
Mr Dude: SQUAWK!
by FoolMonk April 17, 2007