Similar to a hangover, but the main cause is instead, a concert. Experienced the day after a concert with symptoms such as: headache, loss of hearing, sensitivity to light, loss of voice, sore throat, soreness, etc. Normally goes away within a day or two.
Guy 1: Didn't you go to that Green Day concert last night?
Guy 2: Yeah it was good, but I'm having the worst concert hangover.
Guy 1: Oh, that's too bad...
by 37thTry February 28, 2011
Top Definition
The feeling of grogginess and/or deafness after attending a loud concert.
"Wow, I had a lot of fun at that Boys Like Girls concert last night."
"Me too, but now I have a terrible concert hangover."
by Sleeping in Armor October 22, 2007
The feeling of soreness and exhaustion that ensue the day after attending a very rowdy concert. Accompanied by the feeling like you've been kicked in the head...and then remembering you actually were.
Man, I have the worst concert hangover after moshing last night!
by Rai22 May 12, 2010
after an especially loud concert, when you can't hear, or even feel your ears in some cases. especially true if you've actually been drinking at said concert
i had such a concert hangover after Metallica played, i could barely feel my face:P!
by erica10 November 24, 2007
The feeling the day after a concert of grogginess, sore throat and body, partial deafness, and the extreme desire to go back. Similar to a standard hangover.
"That A Day To Remember concert was insane last night!"
"Yeah, but I'm suffering a major concert hangover from it."
"That sucks. Hey, they're doing another show in Baltimore tonight. Wanna go?"
"Heck yes!"
by Malmo January 05, 2014
The crazy headache and full body soreness you get after a crazy concert, also possible injuries or sickness from drinks and a mosh pit at a gigantic concert.
"Dudeeeeee I have sick concert hangover from last night, my heads killing me!"

"That sick mosh pit gave me serious concert hangover"
by Asdfghjkl:; October 06, 2015

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