The funniest show known to mankind. Makes fun of Michael Jackson, Kirstie Ally, George Bush, Saddam Husein. You name it. This guy is the funniest man in the world, not only does he make fun of other people but himself. You can't not laugh at this guy. Especailly his Drummer Max Weinberg, when they have stare downs. Max's one liners kill me. Just watch the FUCKING show!!!
Conan O'Brian: ...and we have a wonderful show tonite, don't we Max?!
Max: uh...yeah...
Conan: Max... lay off the drugs
Max: will do Conan
by Splancer January 20, 2006
Top Definition
the incorrect spelling of conan o'brien, a popular late night talk show host.
-"dude, i LOVE conan o'brian"
-"oh really? well then shouldn't fans be able to spell his name correctly?"

its conan o'briEn, people!
by emmyloo July 04, 2006
The best Late Night Talk Show Host. Ever. If you disagree I will hurt you.
Conan airs on NBC weeknights at 11 PM CST
by White Sox Rules July 19, 2004
The best talk show host, funny mother fucker!
Sorry, I can't have sex with you now, I might miss Conan O'brian!!!
by me November 05, 2003
is te only good late night host left along with jimmy kimmel.late night with conan o brian put the tonight show to shame
Because of all of our guests tomorrow night, we will not have any stupid, arbitrary comedy that wastes everyone's time.Isn't that right, Cactus Chef playing We didnt Start the fire on Flute?
by ho August 07, 2004
The HOTTEST late night host; my lover
by Anonymous May 10, 2003
The (former) host of Tonight Show that managed to loose 2.5 million viewers by simply walking on stage. A hero to posers and other pocket-protector wearing super nerds still living in their parents basements.
My boss asked me to work late after I Conan O'Brianed half our sales accounts in only seven months. I decided to quit instead.
by cough-it-up January 22, 2010
A term used to describe a finely rolled joint, The term is used with the intention to keep it a secret. Named Conan O'Brian because of his finely done hairstyle.
Friend 1: Hey would you like to join me and Conan O'Brian on the back patio?

Friend 2: Yes I would love to go on the back patio and smoke a finely rolled joint!
by H-town Crew March 12, 2008
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