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Pleasuring yourself using a Lambchop hand puppet and mint jelly as lube.
Dude, thanks for inviting me over for dinner on Sunday. Your mom is a great cook and gives excellent lamb jobs.

handjob masturbate spank the monkey flog the dolphin jerk off
by cough-it-up April 14, 2009
The (former) host of Tonight Show that managed to loose 2.5 million viewers by simply walking on stage. A hero to posers and other pocket-protector wearing super nerds still living in their parents basements.
My boss asked me to work late after I Conan O'Brianed half our sales accounts in only seven months. I decided to quit instead.
by cough-it-up January 22, 2010
A vicious beating often using a hammer, pipe, chain or bat. Made popular by the movie Emperor of the North starring Earnest Borgnine as “Shack”.
My buddy and I had to administer the hobo beat-down to a couple of bikers that refused to pay up after they lost at pool.
by cough-it-up July 19, 2009

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