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A town in New York state where there is an excess of wiggers, gangsters, and corrupt police. Many residents of Schenectady dislike the people of Niskyuna, as they are a bunch of spoiled whores. It is commonly thought that if you walk into Schenectady, you will be immediately shot and/or stabbed. Many people who are not from this area have trouble pronouncing Schenectady.
"Person 1: Hey wanna go to Schenectady?
Person 2: What are you crazy!? We'll get shot!"
by jcad February 01, 2009
A small coal mining town in British Columbia, Canada. There is an extreme lack of things to do, which results in most of the teenagers engaging in under-age drinking. Sparwood is such a boring town that I can not think of anything else to add to this definition.

Oh wait the recreation center has awesome mozza fries.
The sign outside of Sparwood coming in:
"Haha suckers, you're in Sparwood!"
by jcad February 01, 2009
When your college roomate's boyfriend or girlfriend comes to visit at your dorm and they sexile you from the room.
"Roomate: Get out of here for awhile.
Friend down the hall: Haha you were sexiled!"
by jcad February 01, 2009
Really great talk show host, but horrible at football.
Conan O'Brian missed the goalpost when he was on top of a van and only a few feet away from it.
by jcad February 01, 2009

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