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A superior or 'cooler' way of referring to your computer.
Dude, my computron is faster than God.
by Wattsington June 16, 2008
another word for Computer Lab. Coined by Colin Healey at DASAC.

See: Sleep Apnia, RISD, Pixilation.
"Editing in the Computron with me and Noah! But DON'T SIGN UP until you've talked to one of us, because it's an EDITING, not a SHOOTING, class. In the Computron! Block 2!"
by Casemander P-Vice September 16, 2007
Means Computer, it was computron way before anybody ever knew it was computron.
John the inventor of computron said, "Hey bish! I have a awesome way of saying computer!"
by Ashlee-_- May 25, 2011