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A superior or 'cooler' way of referring to your computer.
Dude, my computron is faster than God.
by Wattsington June 16, 2008
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another word for Computer Lab. Coined by Colin Healey at DASAC.

See: Sleep Apnia, RISD, Pixilation.
"Editing in the Computron with me and Noah! But DON'T SIGN UP until you've talked to one of us, because it's an EDITING, not a SHOOTING, class. In the Computron! Block 2!"
by Casemander P-Vice September 16, 2007
5 3
Means Computer, it was computron way before anybody ever knew it was computron.
John the inventor of computron said, "Hey bish! I have a awesome way of saying computer!"
by Ashlee-_- May 25, 2011
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