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1. A song by Prince, dealing with a sour love life 2. A statement used to signify one washing his/her hands or leaving a situation until a better one comes along. Usually used in context of romantic relationships.
1. "Until I find a righteous one, Computer Blue." ~Prince

2."Dude, Zac just showed up with a LOT of cocaine."
"Fuck that, I'm not staying at a party with Zacs' sketch ass. Computer Blue, bro."

3. "Oh hey, thanks for buying my ticket! Is it cool if the guy I really like, and forgot to mention, comes along?"
"Sure, in fact, he can have my ticket. I'll do something that doesn't involve your face. Computer Blue, bitch."
by SkaBossdoitforthekids October 09, 2011
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a cause of severe destruction or death. in reference to the "blue screen of death" when your computer crashes.
dude, did you see that tackle in the game last night?
yeah, they computer blued the shit out of that guy.
by Noah McGraw December 11, 2008
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