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The teachers or people in control of the computer lab that limit and restrict what you bring into the lab and what you do in the lab. They also think they are real teachers and think they are better than everyone.
The computer nazi wouldn't let me do my schoolwork because they thought i was going to use instant messaging
by dabears954 September 02, 2005
Someone who can't stand not having complete control of a computer and everything on it.
Chance and Amanda were Powerpoint partners, but Amanda took it over completely, making her SO a computer Nazi.
by The Derek-ness May 14, 2004
A School Network Administrator that is in charge of enforcing the school's internet policy. Their assistants include the Computer Gestapo, which monitor the computers and network activity in individual buildings, and the Computer Luftwaffe, which shoots down every attempt to bypass website blockers and monitoring software.
Student 1: Man, why in the hell is Fox sports blocked????

Student 2: Fuckin' computer Nazis man.
by WCCTC November 10, 2010
someone who uses your computer, everyones computer, the computer at work, and he won't let anyone use it.
Morosko is a computer nazi who hogs the computer to look at porn.
by romeo1166 May 19, 2005
Someone that does not like the computer, and wants to kill it.
Amanda was angry at Powerpoint, and Chance. This makes her a Computer Nazi.
by Neil-Ness April 02, 2004
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