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To be a Network Administrator, you must first become JEDI. Once an Administrator, you can do everything and anything you want. Including getting paid to eat donuts, shoot your felow employees monitors, then replace them. Also Network Administrators get all the "tang"
by Windexter April 16, 2003
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1) Someone who is appointed to maintain a level of control over a Network, he is also responcible for the upkeep of the Network, or the hiring of service personnel.
2) Someone who hires, fires, and maintains the other hired personnel on a Network (usually maitnance personnel or other subordinates)
3) Someone who owns or plays a good part in running a Network
The Network Administrator has fixed the Webserver.
by Teegtahn December 16, 2003
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A male who hangs out with far too many facially ugly women. See also: Network.
Chase is the biggest Network Administrator I've ever met.
by Handsome P. Beautiful May 13, 2003
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