Tha Ghetto...

(it's in South Central Los Angeles)
"Straight outta Compton, y'all better make way..."
by gnarcheese May 22, 2005
A city that's really poor and dangerous, but if you want to pump some money into the economy - here's all you have to do.
1) Put a KFC on every block.
2) Put a Watermelon and Kool-aid stand on every street corner.

It's that simple.
If you owned every KFC, watermelon, and Kool-aid stand in Compton, you'd be competing with Bill Gates.
by Pedro L April 18, 2008
jaks homeland, the ghetto, where there are aload of gangland shootings
where u from jak??

by thecomptonmafia May 26, 2005
A pussy ass excuse for a hood...way more hyped up then what it is filled with pretty ass houses in therich ass suburbs,palm trees an whole bunch of dumb ass niggas who kill each other over red an blue colors... come to the bronx well run up on you on the street boad day light an let off a heater face to face fuck a drive by nigga come to Co-op city BX well show you some real hood shit real projects niggggga
Compton kid-"Yoo California love cuz"
BX Hard body-"Fuck you compton tupac an cali pussy nigga an shoots compton pussy
by BXz finest February 07, 2009
Bullshit little suburb in outer LA. Popularized by the crap group NWA, sometimes known for it's high gang activity. Known by many little tweenies on sites like Urban Dictionary as an " intercity slum" for it's "high ethnic population" when it is really just another ugly outercity suburb.
Ever been to Compton?

If someone produced a record in bumblefuck Iowa would you brag about being there too? Even if it had a few ----s sometiems shooting each other occationally n shit.

Compton is a bullshit little surburb. It's 20% white. Compton aint shit!
by Kripho-Nite April 06, 2008
A bad day that is like the getto, Compton. Like if everything is going bad.
Merrisa said, "Today is so Compton. I hate how everything is going bad!"
by Shuligan September 18, 2005
A pretty good album from the one and only Dr. Dre. An ok backup to the album that would save rap called "Detox".
"Aiii Tyron when is detox coming out?" "I don't know but have u heard Compton its raw just like the meat on my genitals."
by Micoangelo January 19, 2016

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