COMPTON, CA (South Central) is known as the gang capital of the nation. This was the birthplace of notorious gangs known worldwide such as the Crips, Bloods/Pirus/Damus, MS-13, and Surenos. Cops are afraid to roll through the streets of Compton since many pigs have been taken out.

Compton is known to locals at the CPT.
"Nigga, Stanley Tookie Williams (Rest in Pieces) came up outta this set! Compton fo' life!"
by South Central Rydah March 14, 2006
a small city South of Los Angeles, California. (South Central). Compton is Gang Capital of America. Home of the violent street gangs Crips and Bloods/Pirus. This city is drug infested, heavy crimes, drug dealers, gangstas, pimps and prostitutes. Compton is so violent and corrupt the police gave up on Compton and let it rot, also due to the police are scared because Compton started the "Fuck Da Police" movement and police has been getting killed like it aint nothing. There is no active police department in Compton, so you're fucked if you go there and get in trouble. Wear the wrong colors and the crips and bloods gonna kill your bitch ass. A very poor, very violent city. You're pretty much fucked up if you live there. Pure notorious ghetto, known as CPT.
The most dangerousw hood in america is COMPTON!!!!
by Ca$he$ August 09, 2006
A place that isn't actually that bad, although it has bad areas it's definitely NOT the most dangerous place. My friend lives in Compton, and theres not even that many black people anymore it's mostly just Mexicans.

It's an over-hyped city since it's not actually so dangerous, now Watts is a different story.
I went to Compton to go to my friend's house.
by Not Compton July 06, 2006
Bad place enriched by drug dealers, pimps, prostitutes and gangs. Some of the best rappers of all time have arisen out of this mess.

See the ghetto
We be dem gangstas, this be CPT (compton) and u talkin' bout dem gangstas, thats right, when we go drivin' by, u be seein' us gangstas...
by Hawke July 03, 2006
When something happends in south central los angeles,
nothing happends, its ust another nigger dead..dead..dead
Guy: Yo mayne ima fuk you up
Guy2: but im from compton
Guy: Oh, algood then
by Kezza99 November 03, 2007
A lovely village in Hampshire, England.
My Grandmother lives in Compton.
by Esinsiefil October 05, 2009
A dastardly act that can be used as both a verb and noun. To be late, unreliable, undependable, a no show, due to being inconsiderate and selfish. To pull a Compton is usually followed by often used and repeated lame ass excuses i.e. "I overslept" or "My cell phone died" etc. without taking proper measures to correct said problem or mistake; making it an excuse and not a reason for unacceptable behavior. Another characteristic is passive aggressive bullshit due to a failure to face conflict like a man.
Person 1, "Man, where is Mike? He is 4 hours late!"
Person 2" "I don't know, Mike is pulling a Compton"


Person 1, "Where's Mike, he agreed to come out and hang out?"
Person 2, "Mike is a no show again, Mike is pulling a Compton."

Person 1, "Mike, why haven't you answered your cell phone?"
Person 2, "Oh man, I forgot to charge my cell."
Person 1"You've had a cell phone for years now, you do know you need to charge it? Or Are you just pulling a Compton, Mike?"
by growns-ass-man January 17, 2011

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