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Nickname of young actress Elisha Cuthbert
"heesh is lovely, you knows it."
by gnarcheese February 28, 2005
Cheap, usually weak lager. Predominantly sold in cans, but occasionally sold on tap in pubs and clubs.

Cooking Lager has a very dull flavor and is normally heavily carbonated.

See also; Tramp Juice , Rat's Piss
Tennent's Super
Castlemaine (XXXX)

Many poor quality lagers were not included on this list as they are too expensive to be classed as cooking lager
by gnarcheese May 22, 2005
Alcoholic drink from South-Western France (the Poitou Charentes region). It is made using rosé or white grape juice which is prevented from fermenting by adding Cognac (brandy) to the barrel. The finished aticle leaves a drink with between 16% and 22% abv (alcohol by volume) and a sweet but strong taste. Best served cold.
"I'm drinking some Pineau on ice"

"you legend"
by gnarcheese July 30, 2005
Tha Ghetto...

(it's in South Central Los Angeles)
"Straight outta Compton, y'all better make way..."
by gnarcheese May 22, 2005
Metallica: Album, 2003.

Not the worst Metallica album (but almost). Could have been alot better.

It's downfall was Lars Ulrich. But Lars is the downfall of every questionable Metallica release (see, 'dodgy drumming, and justice for all').

Lars Ulrich should be killed by a giant dust bin.
"that dude just fell down the stairs into those bins"

"sounded a bit like st. anger"
by gnarcheese February 28, 2005
Acronym for 'American Machine and Foundry'.

Inventor of the first automatic pinspotter machine. Now used in the majority of bowling centres worldwide. AMF also manufacture and supply all spare parts for their machines, lane dressing products, scoring equipment and computer software.

The most recent pinspotter is the 82-90 XL and holds the record for fastest cycle time (8 Seconds).

The most recent scoring system is Boss 9, fully automated scoring with control of most machine functions from several locations (minimum 2, 1 server, 1 front desk). Software also allows centre to customise advertising on the monitors above their lanes.

AMF's only major competitor are Brunswick Bowling, the Apple Mac of the bowling world.
"I accidentally welded a re-spot cell to the bench..."

"I'll get onto AMF for a replacement, you fucking idiot."
by gnarcheese October 16, 2005

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