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Something that would make no sense, because a Communist is to the left and a Nazi is to the right, like saying "Democrat-Republican" it just makes no sense. That would make a person the mortal enemy of him/her self
Awkdi Rambjj Grkkmn Tok makes more sense than Communist-Nazi.
by aquails April 10, 2004
Wolfcastle attacked the 'commi-nazis' in one episode of the simpsons
Look, Get the COMI NAZIS
by Tonyknight May 09, 2005
1)A so called: 'Communist-Nazi', doesn't exist, Nazi's were fascists, and fascists were anti-communists.

So a 'Communist-Nazi' can not and does not exist.

2)A therm used by people who don't know where they're talking about.
{Kid 1# says}"Karl Marx is a cock-sucking 'Communist-Nazi'!"

{Kid 2# says:}"Yeah, he's probably giving Hitler a blowjob in hell!" (-Kid 1# and Kid 2# laugh-)

{Kid 3#(The one that knows where he's talking about.) says:}
"'Communist-Nazi's' don't exist you moron."

{Kid 1# says:}"Hey guys, he's one of them!"

{Kid 2# says}"Go suck Hitler's cock, 'Communist-Nazi'!"

(-Kid 3# gets misunderstood only because he really knows the difference between Nazi's and Communists.-)
by HenkPaal November 26, 2006
Communist-Nazi is something that would actually make the world a paradise.
Communist-Nazi is kool!
by helloworld July 12, 2004
Same thing if you stop and think about it.
"What? Communism & nazism aren't exactly good things in life. Where's the money?"
by Dave November 30, 2004
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